Seolhyun goes on a strike in life, voluntarily declares her unemployment to leave with her backpack on

Actress Kim Seol-hyun will play a sympathetic character in Genie TV’s original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything”.

On Oct 24th, “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” released a still cut of Kim Seol-hyun, who plays the role of unemployed Lee Yeo-reum.

The released still shows Lee Yeo-reum (Kim Seol-hyun) suddenly coming to Angok Village with only one backpack. Lee Yeo-reum is said to attempt to break away from her old life, looking refreshed and excited on her new journey.

i feel like doing anything seolhyun

In this place where no one knows her and everything is unfamiliar, Lee Yeo-reum really plans to do nothing but meets unexpected people and events and undergoes a new change. It raises questions about what will happen to Lee Yeo-reum, who is about to take her first step as a voluntary unemployed person.

“I Don’t Want to Do Anything,” which will be unveiled in November, is a project to find a comma for Yeo-reum, a voluntary unemployed person who declared a strike on her life, and Daebeom, a librarian whose life is a question mark.

i feel like doing anything seolhyun

Yeo-reum, played by Kim Seol-hyun, was an ordinary office worker in her 20s who worked for a small and medium-sized company after graduating from college. While trying not to fall behind others, she suddenly declared a strike on life, saying she would not do anything anymore, leaving her house, workplace, goods, greed and the complex city behind.

According to “I Don’t Want to Do Anything,” Kim Seol-hyun said after reading the script, “Yeo-reum’s emotions are emotions that I know for sure.” The production team also said, “On the set, she was Yeo-reum herself, and not actress Kim Seol-hyun anymore. Please look forward to the growth and transformation of Kim Seol-hyun.”

i feel like doing anything seolhyun

Director Lee Yoon-jung, who directed “I Don’t Want to Do Anything,” was well-known as the director of “Coffee Prince” and “Cheese in the Trap.”

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