“The next time you come here, you will be taller than Kang Ho-dong”… Seo Jang-hoon commented on Jang Won-young’s tall height

Seo Jang-hoon talked about Jang Won-young, who returned to “Knowing Bros” looking taller than before. 

In the 137th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on August 27th, six members of girl group IVE were seen transferring to Brother School.

As soon as IVE opened the classroom door and came in, Lee Sang-min exclaimed, “Wow, they’re so tall”. Surprised by the fast growth of the girls, Kang Ho-dong asked, “Did you grow taller?”.

When Jang Won-young came to hand over IVE’s transfer application forms, Lee Soo-geun reacted, “Your height…”. In response, Jang Won-young said, “No, don’t stand up”, blocking everyone from talking about her height. She then added, “Only Jang-hoon can stand up”. 

As Kang Ho-dong asked, “The others cannot stand up?”, Jang Won-young replied, “It’s okay for Ho-dong”.

Seo Jang-hoon said to Jang Won-young, “The next time you come here, you will be taller than Ho-dong”. While Jang Won-young was trying not to deny it, Kim Hee-chul commented, “Yu-jin ah, why are you getting shorter? You’re standing while leaning on one leg”, turning the attention to Ahn Yu-jin.

Later, during her 30-second self-introduction, Ahn Yu-jin said, “As you can see, I’m quite tall. My height is about 172cm.”

In addition, “Knowing Bros” cast members were all surprised when Ga-eul said she was teased a lot because she’s only 164cm tall. They pointed out that Ga-eul is still taller than Lee Soo-geun even with her current height, drawing laughter. 

Source: daum

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