Ella Gross defended Jennie when the female idol was attacked by an anti-fan

Ella Gross and Jennie (BLACKPINK) have a close relationship that is not difficult to understand when she defends the main rapper of BLACKPINK

When a netizen left a malicious comment about Jennie, Ella Gross was not afraid to respond to defend her senior.

Ella Gross defended Jennie

Ella Gross protected Jennie

Child model Ella Gross has just updated a new image on her personal Instagram.  Accompanied by a cute selfie, Ella wrote “Hello” to greet fans.  Below the article, netizens left many compliments for the little girl’s increasingly beautiful appearance.

Ella Gross defended Jennie

However, a netizen left a malicious comment about Jennie: “Hey Ella, have u heard about Jennie‘s issue? ugh, she should leave BLACKPINK. All she does is spread issues”.  Notably, the 12-year-old model is not afraid to leave a counter-comment immediately: “You should leave”.

Ella Gross defended Jennie

The good relationship between Ella and Jennie

Ella Gross’s comments quickly attracted the attention of netizens, especially BLACKPINK fans.  Although her Instagram account is being managed by Ella’s mother, everyone is extremely happy when her family responds to negative comments to protect Jennie.  This once again proves her love for her senior.  “You’re so cute”, “I thought Jennie and Ella were real sisters”, “Good response, dear”, “Jennie must be very happy” – Netizens left comments under Ella Gross’s article.

Ella Gross defended Jennie

Kpop fans know a lot about Ella Gross after she became a trainee under YG.  The child model has a close relationship with BLACKPINK.  In particular, Ella Gross is also considered as Jennie’s “real younger sister” when she possesses the same appearance and vibe as the main rapper of BLACKPINK.  In their photos taken together, everyone thought they are real siblings.

Ella Gross defended Jennie

Jennie was unfortunate to have been constantly involved in controversies over the years.  However, she must also feel somewhat comforted when being protected by her friends like that.

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