Netizens are curious as to why Lisa didn’t meet up with Jennie and Rosé in the US: Are BLACKPINK’s toxic solo fans the reason?

The fact that only Jennie and Rosé were seen together during BLACKPINK’s recent US trip has caused some netizens to question Lisa’s absence. 

BLACKPINK‘s fandom is known to be divided and always fighting. Controversies constantly erupt between the members’ solo fans. Recently, BLACKPINK fans on Twitter had a “drama” when suspicions arose over why Lisa did not hang out with Jennie and Rosé during their trip to the US. Netizens started to question the “odd” situation when they noticed all 3 members of BLACKPINK were in Los Angeles at the same time, but why were only Jennie and Rosé spotted together? 

Last week, Jennie and Rosé attended Paris Hilton’s wedding afterparty, while Lisa met up with her own close friends including Kevin Woo, Sorn (former CLC member) and Niki. There is not a single photo of the 3 girls BLACKPINK taken together in LA, what is the reason? 

BLACKPINK members in US
BLACKPINK members in US
BLACKPINK members in US
BLACKPINK members in US

These people assumed Jennie and Rosé “avoided” Lisa during their trip to the United States. Lisa’s “toxic” personal fandom – who frequently curses and criticizes Jennie and Rosé – is the reason. Lisa’s fans made it difficult for the members to get together and hang out. There are even comments speculating that the Chaennie duo (JennieRosé’s compound name) is upset and even “disappointed” with Lisa after the controversies caused by her akgaes.

Lisa’s fans, on the other hand, believe that these are just baseless speculations. If the Jennie-Rosé duo is not comfortable hanging out with Lisa because of Lisa’s own fan, why not turn the tables: Lisa is also hurt by getting attacks from Chaennie’s fans?

On the other hand, there have also been many comments that this is just a “drama” created by fan-only groups, but the BLACKPINK members are extremely close in real life. And that even though they did not take photos together, they might still hang out together. Even if Lisa did not meet Jennie or Rosé during her trip to the United States, it would not be a big deal because everyone has their own schedule. Blinks is “begging” akgaes to stop causing fuss among the group’s fans.

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