Seo In Guk confesses his dating dark past, “If I like someone, I will confess right away”

Singer-actor Seo In Guk honestly revealed his opinions about love and his dark past.

Seo In Guk, who recently made his comeback as a singer with the new song “Fallen”, guested on the December 8th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”.

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Later, Seo In Guk challenged a balance game. When “dating” was mentioned as the topic, Seo In Guk reacted, “I tend to do everything without regret. I’ll do everything so that I can later feel ‘I’ve done it with all my heart’”, expressing his view on love. When asked if he had ever wondered whether he should send text messages like “Have you slept?” or not, Seo In Guk said, “I did. But it’s quite meaningless. If I ever have that thought again, I would contact during the daytime.”

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In addition, Seo In Guk said he prefers “someone I like” to “someone who likes me”, and revealed that he would confess right away if he had a crush on someone. Seo In Guk explained, “I won’t be impressed when someone asks me out. I tend to feel pressure first. I’m introverted so I easily feel burdened by that.”

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Seo In guk then talked about his dark history of confessing on the Ferris wheel. He said, “When I was in high school, I had a crush on an older girl. My friend introduced me to her then we went to the amusement park together. I thought I should confess there. We got on the Ferris wheel. I made a miscalculation. I did it too early. Only 30 seconds after the door close, I sang a song and said, ‘Let’s date’. In response, she said, ‘I’m sorry’. The Ferris wheel was really huge, and it took a while for it to go back to the start. After two or three minutes of silence, I just said nonsense things like ‘It looks so pretty over there’”, drawing laughter.

Seo In Guk chose “a movie with 10 million viewers” over “a drama with 50% rating”. Explaining his selection, he said, “Can a drama get 50% viewer rating? But it is possible for a movie to attract 10 million viewers. I don’t think 50% rating is possible in this era.”

Regarding the kinds of character he wants to play in the future, Seo In Guk said, “I found it attractive and interesting when playing villain roles. I want to play a villain again next time, but rather than a psychotic villain, I want it to be a villain in a human drama. It would be so nice if the character has some pitiful reasons.”

When asked to choose between “Dance to the song ‘Baby’ to celebrate Youtube Gold Button” and “Film a vlog using a cute way of speaking”, Seo In Guk decided on the former choice. He said, “I think I did that on variety shows when I was younger. I had to be funny and stand out. I’ve created many dark pasts. Filming a vlog using a cute way of speaking is like telling me to bite my tongue.”

Source: Daum

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