Se7en and Lee Da Hae reveal the hidden side of marriage on Same Bed, Different Dream 2 

Se7en and Lee Da Hae confess there are aspects of the other person’s personality that they cannot come round to.

The upcoming episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” will feature the untold story of Se7en and Lee Da Hae’s wedding. 


In the VCR, Se7en and Lee Da Hae go on a dress fitting with excitement ahead of the wedding. The bride cannot hide her tremble, saying, “I’ve worn a lot of dresses during my activities, but this feels different”. 

Se7en is also nervous while waiting for Lee Da Hae to change into the dress, saying, “I heard a lot of advice from people around me that the reaction of the groom is important”. Studio MCs also watched while holding their breaths, saying, “It’s a rite of passage” and “You have to react well”.

When Lee Da Hae finally appears in an elegant wedding dress, Se7en responds to the dress like never before, turning the bride and the studio MCs upside down. 


However, after eight years of a long-term relationship, the couple reveals, “There were some aspects [of them] that do not fit [the other person] even after eight years of dating”. Hence, there are so-called “crises”. While Lee Da Hae tends to make thorough and detailed plans, Se7en is an improviser who adapts to changing situations.

A “crisis” takes place when the two plan for the honeymoon. It is said to be a heated argument that will show a less discussed side of marriage.  

Nonetheless, there are things the couple keeps a secret to themselves. That is a dating spot even the MCs do not know about. 


The two also draw attention by having vivid memories of everything they wore and did eight years ago. By recalling their first date, Se7en and Lee Da Hae express their complex and subtle feelings ahead of marriage. Lee Da Hae is seen shedding tears at Se7en’s sincerity. 

The story of Se7en and Lee Da Hae will be aired at 10:10 PM (KST) on May 22nd, on SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dream 2”. 

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