A touching movie is getting rave reviews from celebrities: Im Soo Jung, Kim Go Eun, Jung Yoon Chul, and more

The new movie “Doom Doom” has become a hot topic after a video shows various celebrities praising it to the clouds. 

The new movie “Doom Doom” follows the main character In Ah, who was a DJ well-recognized for her skills. However, she was in deep conflicts as she had to entrust her child to other people, due to her mother being mentally unstable. In Ah’s current life is hard and dark, but in the end, she tries to become both a responsible mother and good daughter, at the same time pursuing what she wants to do.

doom doom

Recently, a video of the VIP premiere of “Doom Doom” has been released, showing celebrities from all walks of life watching the movie and leaving favorable reviews. 

doom doom

Below are some comments from celebrities who came to enjoy the VIP premiere: 

  • The acting performances were very good and the music was very new.I think the audience will definitely come to the movie and enjoy it. (Actress Im Soo Jung)
  • It is such a moving movie with very exciting music. I hope you all show interest and enjoy it. (Actress Kim Go Eun)
  • I really enjoyed watching “Doom Doom” and its EDM music, I will show further support in the future. (Actress Park Ji Hoo)
  • It was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and it tells us how music can change life. (Director Jung Yun Cheol)
  • The music was so fresh and I can relate to it (Makeup artist Lee Kyung Min)
  • As a music lover, I thought that with such a subject, I won’t enjoy the movie, but I watched it with a very interesting point of view (Model Yeo Yeon Hee)
  • It is not a simple music film, there are various stories in it as well. So, there are parts that I can relate to and I was very impressed (Actress Choi So Yoon)
  • I extremely enjoyed watching it because it seemed like a story that happened right around me. It was so nice to see the cast, who have studied music not only for acting, but also serious (Musician & Producer Park Moon Chi)
  • I was also a producer and DJ, and my parents were against it. For me, there were a lot of elements that were meaningful and touching, and I watched it very well (Musician & Actor Yoon Bi).

On September 15th, a library talk was held at CGV Myeongdong Station Cine Library.

doom doom

Here, many audiences sympathized with the story of In Ah and her mother Shin Ae, praising the characters as deviations from existing media images. Questions about different musical colors and musical work were also posed, and the talk was filled with opportunities to understand the film more deeply.

Regarding the session, director Jung Won Hee said, “I sincerely thank you for staying so late on the first day of release”. Meanwhile, actress Yoon Yu Sun said, “It is a situation where only big and flashy movies are getting a lot of attention, but I hope our movies will be loved even more. Thank you.“

doom doom

Finally, actor Kim Yong Ji concluded, “It is very meaningful to have a conversation for the first time after opening like this. So, thank you so much for coming.”

doom doom

The movie “Doom Doom”, which is gaining attention after the VIP premiere video filled with praise and the meaningful library talk on the release date, is being screened with rave reviews in Korean theaters. 

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