An adorable image of Squid Game’s “little girl” doll piques the audience’s interest

It turns out that outside of the arena, the “little girl” doll in Squid Game is so cute!

Squid Game is currently a very popular Korean series with content focused on a series of survival games. Despite receiving mixed reviews for its quality, Squid Game has a high level of virality. In which the image of a baby doll in the first “red light green light” game is impossible to ignore. An adorable video of this doll was recently shared widely on TikTok. 

The 10-second clip captures the Squid Game doll dancing happily, in stark contrast to its scary appearance in the film. Many people believe that this doll, with two bunches of hair and lovely facial features, resembles Shizuka. However, this is a 3D simulation image created by a TikTok account, not a behind-the-scenes video. After only 10 hours of being online, the video went viral and gained over 10 million views.

No matter how cute it is, the Squid Game’s “little girl” doll has killed over 200 game participants. Is she dancing so happy because she exceeded the set KPI?

I thought it looks like Shizuka
There are some versions of the Squid Game doll in real life, but not as beautiful as the original, right?

The whole series of Squid Game has been released on Netflix.

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