aespa attracts attention with a new set of photos

4 aespa members suddenly appeared with a completely new concept, as impressive as the previous teaser images.

At 0:00 every day, aespa will release a teaser image for the group’s comeback.  Not an exception, at 0:00 on May 13, the group released a set of teaser photos with a completely new concept that made people admire.  4 members of aespa appeared with a girl-crush look, revealing new features and attractive visuals.

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In the previous teasers, aespa appeared with the fantasy concept.  So the appearance of a girl-crush style in the new set of photos surprised many people.  On the simple pink neon background, aespa fully flaunted their attractive visuals and charisma.  The 4 girls quickly received a lot of compliments from the netizens:

  • Winter is the future visual of Kpop.
  • Is this a rookie group?  Their aura is attractive and looks professional.
  • Karina is too outstanding.  She takes the spotlight in this pictorial
  • Karina is the best, from charisma to style. 
  • Giselle’s picture is so amazing, perfect in every detail.
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aespa’s previous fantastic image

Next Level will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on May 17 (KST).  This is an outstanding Hip Hop dance song with energetic rap and bass. Besides, the lyrics tell an interesting story about the journey to KWANGYA in search of Black Mamba – an existence that has hindered the connection of aespa and ae causing the world to become chaotic.  Black Mamba is the debut song that brought many impressive achievements for aespa in November 2020.

Source: k14

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