Sandara Park Reveals She Was Invited to Bada’s Group Chat with 50 Celebs that Left Her Speechless

On the December 29th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s ‘CULTWO SHOW’, Sandara Park appeared as a guest.

Sandara Park, revealed to be an INFJ, shared her experience of meeting the extreme E-type Bada. “We are complete opposites. Bada unnie takes good care of her juniors. Since my debut, she told me, ‘Dara, I’ll buy you food,’ and I’ve been avoiding her ever since. I was so fluttered.” 

When asked how she handled the situation, Sandara responded, “It was a one-on-one situation, and when I said ‘hi,’ after that, it became a one-on-one between us…”

She continued, “Before she got married, Bada suddenly invited me to a group chat. She invited 50 celebrities to the chat room.”

Hwang Chiyeul shared his experience, stating, “I thought Bada unnie only raises her energy a bit when she works. Usually, she goes up and rests. (But) when she got married, we were together until the evening, and from the beginning to the end, she kept saying, ‘Let’s all have a drink together.'”

Sandara Park recalled a gathering of only Bada’s junior girl group members before her marriage. Sandara explained, “I don’t remember that day. I was too shocked.”

She confessed, “There was a karaoke machine in the restaurant. Suddenly, she told me to sing a song. Bada unnie said she would demonstrate first. Saying, ‘This is how you do it at corporate events.’ At that time, I just wanted to escape from the situation, pretending not to know anyone.”

Responding to a question about meeting Bada afterward, Sandara said, “I’ve seen her occasionally. She invited me to a musical, and during the last performance, actors and staff took commemorative photos. She placed me in the center. She told me, ‘Dara, come here.’ I said, ‘No, it’s only for actors and staff,’ but she insisted. So, there’s an awkward photo unintentionally taken. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I wanted to go home.”


Solbi commented on Bada’s energy, “I usually respond, but Bada unnie’s voice is so loud, it’s overwhelming. Even when we gathered, we all felt awkward.”

To this, Sandara added, “When going home, she said, ‘Anyone going to Gangnam, ride with Dara’s car,’ and I awkwardly drove for two hours. It was in the countryside.”

Kim Taekyun teased, asking if Bada checks who is friends with whom when making plans. Sandara recalled, “It was just ‘get along with the 50 people.’ It felt like a sitcom. ‘What’s going on?’ It was like ‘You can’t stop her unless it’s unavoidable.'” 

Solbi added, “Bada has a fiery personality. It was a time for all of us to become one.” 

Source: daum

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