Same gown, different vibes, is BLACKPINK Lisa or Zhao Lusi the better dresser? 

BLACKPINK Lisa and Chinese actress Zhao Lusi recently became a hot topic for wearing the same luxury gown

On October 18th, BLACKPINK Lisa became the talk of town as she appeared at the Avrora Awards, held for the first time in Korea. Here, the actress was dressed in an elegant white gown, which cost 7,000 USD. As the dress was donned by Chinese actress Zhao Lusi not long ago, netizens immediately rushed to compare who’s the better dresser. 


In particular, on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo, there are many posts comparing the two’s red carpet looks. While Lisa is praised for exuding a “regal aura”, Zhao Lusi is said to look “elegant and goddess-like”. 

The gown embraces a corset bodice, which uses mesh and a frame to highlight the waist, and is a rising trend among celebrities all around the world. 

Regarding Lisa, a netizen commented, Lisa’s body is what makes the gown look great. She’s tall and slim, and so is basically the perfect ‘clothing rack’. There’s just something regal, chic, and powerful about Lisa.” On the other hand, there were also opinions that Lisa’s strong image is not a great match for the dress. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to Zhao Lusi, many compliments her innocent yet still alluring vibes. “Zhao Lusi looks both elegant and sexy, and her voluptuous body is just the best in this dress,” one said. Some more “conventional” audiences were not pleased with the gown’s somewhat revealing cut, but most hailed the bold and novel look of the dress. 


Finally, some netizens were just not pleased with both female stars.

“Lisa’s physique is out of this world, but her hair doesn’t match the dress’ vibe. Meanwhile, Zhao Lusi picked better ornaments and hairstyle, but her height is not enough to complement the dress. I think this gown is best suited for someone with an hourglass body shape”, a netizen commented and received a lot of approval. 

Source: K14

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