Sam Hammington’s wife explained why she often went to the police station when dating him 

Jeong Yumi, wife of Korea’s most famous foreigner Sam Hammington and mother of William and Bentley, revealed her 20-year-old love story with her husband.

In MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Miss Wife”, which aired on January 23rd, Jeong Yumi laughed when she was asked about the reaction of her “TV seniors” aka her sons, William and Bentley Hammington, about her appearance on the show. She said, “They asked why mom is appearing on TV, and told me to do well.” 

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Jeong Yumi said, “When I first met Sam, I was in Itaewon hanging out with my friend to play. There was a cute foreigner sitting next to me, so I asked him in English, ‘Where are you from?’ and he said, ‘Guess.’ That’s how we first met.” 

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Jeong Yumi and Sam Hammington first met in the 1990s and created a stir by releasing their black-and-white couple photos. Regarding the photo titled “On the way to the police station,” Jeong Yumi explained, “Maybe it was because it was not common to date foreigners at the time. Sam got into many fights when we were walking around during our dates. That’s why I went to Itaewon and Yongsan police stations a lot.” 

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Jeong Yumi said, “My husband fought with three men and was taken to the police station. The other party asked for 10 million won in settlement money. I was so upset then that I lost 6-7 kg.” 

Jeong, who acted like a guardian whenever Sam had big or small problems in Korea, honestly said, “We registered marriage and stayed together, but after being together for a long time, we gradually got on bad terms.

At that time, Sam Hammington started to become famous thanks to entertainment shows. She said, “One day, my husband appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and he spoke Korean very well. MBC’s ‘Real Men’ also went well. I thought we’d break up now, but since it was going well, I told him, ‘Let’s get along well.’

The two got married in 2013 after a long time of dating and cohabitation. They have two sons William and Bentley. Sam Hammington appeared on KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” and received a lot of love for revealing his two cute sons.

Source: Nate

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