Kim Hye-soo’s personality was revealed after 17 years by a young man who worked as the youngest on set and now becomes a “building owner”

A staff member who worked with actress Kim Hye-soo on set told an episode with Kim Hye-soo in the past.

Recently, as people are raising expectations for tvN’s drama “The Queen’s Umbrella“, in which Kim Hye-soo returns to acting in a historical drama after 19 years, Kim Hye-soo’s impressive stories in the past are also becoming a hot issue.

The Queens Umbrella

In 2016, Kim Hye-soo appeared on SBS FM’s “Cultwo Show” and showed off her extraordinary volubility. A story sent by a listener drew attention.

The listener who sent the story introduced, “When I was in high school in 1999, I once worked as a lighting staff for ‘Kim Hye-soo Plus You’ during summer vacation.”

The listener revealed an anecdote about how he was moved by Kim Hye-soo, “(I) tripped over an electric wire while carrying lights and broke my tooth. (Kim Hye-soo) paid all my hospital bills through the manager.”

kim hye soo

The listener expressed his gratitude to Kim Hye-soo, “The filming was stopped because of me and I got blamed so much (by the director), but Hye-soo came quietly and comforted me. I really appreciated it. There’s no way to repay your kindness.”

Finally, the listener surprised everyone by adding, “I’m a building owner now. If you need an office or a shopping mall, please contact me. I’ll rent it for free.”

Netizens who heard the story praised Kim Hye-soo’s excellent personality, “She must be proud to hear that the staff member she helped is doing well”, “When it comes to Kim Hye-soo, only beautiful stories come out” and “As expected, Kim Hye-soo is perfect.”

kim hye soo

Kim Hye-soo has been constantly doing these good deeds to her fellow celebrities.

Kim Hye-soo, who debuted in 1986 and now has 37 years of experience, has been producing many beautiful stories over her long career in the entertainment industry.

In particular, Kim Hye-soo, who is known to take good care of her juniors, often went to the filming set and watched her juniors’ performances even when there was no filming. She also took notes of the names and contact information of various minor roles or extras then recommended them to other works.

kim hye soo

In addition, Kim Hye-soo generously sent coffee trucks to the filming locations of her fellow celebrities as well as actively supported the actors and staff who worked hard on set.

In fact, Kim Hye-soo was estimated to have spent about 40 million won on coffee trucks sent to fellow celebrities on Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired last month.

kim hye soo tmi news show

Actor Lee Sun-kyun praised Kim Hye-soo in an interview in the past.

Lee Sun-kyun praised Kim Hye-soo’s thoughtful heart to those around her, “(Kim Hye-soo) treated staff and juniors so well that I wondered if she needed to do this. There are times when we had to use body doubles and match motions, but (Kim Hye-soo) wasn’t like that at all. She used 100% of her energy during the rehearsal. She worked really hard.”

kim hye soo

Lee Sun-kyun said, “She is very good at self-management.  I think that’s why she is widely loved by the public for such a long time,” he added, admiring Kim Hye-soo’s perfection.

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