Meet the stunning YGX dancers who are making waves on SNS, one dancer gains reputation for choreographing BLACKPINK’s performances 

These YGX dancers boast gorgeous visuals and unique fashion styles. 

YG Entertainment has been known for possessing a group of talented and charismatic dancers. They are known not only for their dance moves but also for their visuals and unique fashion. Therefore, these dancers have become sought-after faces in their own rights, boasting millions of followers on Instagram and having chances to work with major brands. 

Lee Jung 

Lee Jung is a famous dancer with 2 million followers on Instagram. She gained popularity after appearing on “Street Woman Fighter” and choreographing performances for BLACKPINK. The dancer boasts a unique visual, a desirable proportion, and an attractive look. Lee Jung never sticks with a same old style and frequently experiments with different looks, going from youthful and energetic to sexy and classy. 

Kwon Twins (Deukie and Dony) 

Kwon Twins is a pair of twin brothers who leave a strong first impression with their angular, handsome faces. The twins boast chiseled abs and idol-level visuals. With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, the duo are sought-after faces by major brands. Deukie and Dony boast close relationships with G-Dragon and BLACKPINK. They even received their own focus cams during idols’ performances. 

Jihyo Park 

Jihyo Park is another striking visual of YGX. She shows off her hard-earned physique in sexy outfits. Jihyo Park’s style takes inspiration from hip-hop and Y2K. The dancer also has a knack for mixing and matching items, making plain looks more attractive and uniquely hers. The dancer also flaunts an eye-grabbing tanned complexion. 

Jihyo Park 

Lee Young Sang 

Lee Young Sang gained massive attention after partnering with Jennie in the “You&Me” performance. His sharp, angular features, buff body, and chiseled abs got all eyes on him. Following the performance, the dancer became a sensation online, as netizens looked far and wide for his SNS. For everyday wear, the dancer favors a simple style with baggy clothes to emulate a natural cool feel. 

Lee Young Sang

Source: k14 

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