“How come I don’t have a boyfriend? Guys don’t ask for my phone number”… Sunmi lamented over Lee Young-ji’s compliment

Singer Sunmi responded with lamentation to the compliment “You are like a rose”, making everyone burst into laughter.

On July 29th, a behind-the-scenes video of stars who appeared on the web entertainment show “Although there is nothing much prepared” was uploaded on the YouTube channel of the same name.

In the video, Sunmi complimented Youngji. “I thought of Youngji as a rapper who is like a body pillow that provides comfort to problems that exist in the current generation.”

Then Youngji replied, “I’ll also talk about you since you talked about me. You are like a rose. Rose is something that we know it’s painful because of the thorn but we want to touch it.”

Sunmi asked back, “But how come I don’t have a boyfriend?” She complained, “The problem is that I don’t receive calls or messages from guys. They don’t ask for my phone number!”

Youngji protested, “Isn’t it weird if guys ask for your number in the street? You are currently not thinking objectively. You are Sunmi. Let’s say you are eating Salt Caramel Macaron in Gangnam. ‘Oh she is so pretty.’ They will just pass by like this. They won’t be like ‘Oh Sunmi, I want to cast you.'”

Regarding this, Sunmi made everyone laugh as she was convinced, “Yeah, to a certain extent I am defensive also. That’s true. That’s true.”

What is Sunmi’s ideal type? Sunmi shared, “I don’t really have one. Actually I like someone who has a long face. Like Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds.”

Youngji said, “Long face is not the important thing. You like someone who has a Hollywood-type face. And the beard has to grow like this (widely).”

Source: dispatch

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