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“Running Man” Song Ji Hyo mentions parents’ ferry business in Tongyeong and plays games enthusiastically

Actress Song Ji Hyo revealed herself as “daughter of Tongyeong” in the recent “Running Man” episode.

The July 16th broadcast of SBS TV’s entertainment program “Running Man” introduced “Joseon version of Tazza” special episode.

That day, the cast members transformed into historical characters and Song Ji Hyo drew attention with her appearance as Joseon’s most pretty beauty Eo Woo Dong. Seeing Song Ji Hyo’s transformation, the members showed admiration, saying “Ji Hyo is really pretty today!”, “Her beauty is outstanding!”, etc.

Song Ji hyo

In particular, Song Ji Hyo also revealed her parents’ jobs for the first time in 13 years. While the members. While the members insisted on being ‘self-made’, Song Ji Hyo said, “My father is also a company worker“. Hearing that, Yoo Jae Suk wondered, “And your mother is a big name in the restaurant business, right?”, and the members made various opinions, but Song Ji Hyo replied, “No. Why are you making up stories?”.

Song Ji hyo

She surprised the members when she said, “They run a ferry business”. Amazed by Song Ji Hyo’s sudden confession, the members reacted, “We heard it for the first time in 13 years”. When Song Ji Hyo shared, “My parents have a ferry. In Tongyeong”, others responded, “Are all the ships in Tongyeong yours?”, “Don’t say Tongyeong Heo Kyung Hwan anymore. Tongyeong’s daughter is Song Ji Hyo”, etc. Song Ji Hyo added, “My parents are my parents, and I am myself. We don’t talk about each other. They started the business not long ago.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has recently been embroiled in controversy over her attitude on the show. It is because Song Ji Hyo used to actively participate in games as an ace member with high tension, but she recently got criticized for showing passive and unenthusiastic reactions. However, during a mission in which Song Ji Hyo had to cross a slippery bridge in the water to obtain candy in the latest episode, she entertained everyone with a physical comedy act as she slipped every time she jumped, and even revealed her parents’ jobs with a cheerful expression, making everyone laugh.

Source: Daum

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