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“Running Man” Has Ruined Song Ji-hyo’s “Dream Marriage Proposal”? 

In a recent episode of “Running Man”, Song Ji-hyo revealed how she lose interest in her “dream marriage proposal”

On November 19, episode 680 of the TV entertainment show “Running Man” was released, in which the cast can be seen going to a zoo for their filming. 

During their trip to the zoo, however, Song Ji-hyo revealed that her “dream marriage proposal” in the past was to be proposed to at the zoo. However, the actress then added that since she has gone to the zoo so many times for “Running Man”, she’s “over” this fantasy now.

Adding to this, when asked where she’d like to be proposed to now, Song Ji-hyo simply answered, “I no longer dream of things like that”, making It seems that the zoo was Song Ji-hyo’s first and only choice.

running man

Hearing this, the “Running Man” cast then give various “recommendations” for dream proposals, as if to give Song Ji-hyo a sense of romance again.

However, their ideas started to get wilder and wilder with every new suggestion, and Song Ji-hyo couldn’t take any of them seriously. 

Source: KOCOWA, Koreaboo

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