Rowoon’s Blouse Showing His Chest: Hit Or Miss?

Actor Rowoon showed off his visuals in a blouse that revealed his chest.

On October 30, Rowoon reportedly attended the press conference of KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “The Matchmakers.”

Rowoon, who recently grew his hair long, had a hairstyle that reveals her forehead. The actor wore a blouse with a deep-cut shawl collar design and showed off his long neckline and solid body.


Rowoon also wore loose-fit satin wide pants and a shiny patent loafers. The actor drew attention by with a shirt that had a cloth wrapped around his waist.


The outfit worn by Rowoon on this day is a product of the Saint Laurent 2023 F/W collection. The whole outfit cost a total of approximately $6,200.

While the Saint Laurent runway model doubled his masculine visuals by boldly loosening the shawl collar above the waistband, Rowoon appeared to have reduced exposure by pinning between shawl collars.

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