Upcoming Netflix’s horror-thriller drama “Hellbound” is confirmed “teenager restricted”

Director Yeon Sang Ho (‘Train To Busan’, ‘Peninsula’) grabbed the megaphone and raised the expectations of movie fans by casting famous actors for the upcoming Netflix’s original drama “Hellbound”.

It is said this supernatural and religious horror was added a little noir genre to level up its attractiveness that could impress the audiences.

In addition, the rating of “Hellbound” has been recently decided.


According to what was written on the Korea Media Rating Board website on October 7th, Netflix’s original drama “Hellbound” was classified as “teenager restricted”.

The “teenager restricted” rating is decided according to a total of 7 criteria: theme, sensitive scenes, sensitive lines, violence, horror, drug, and risk of imitation. In particular, “Hellbound” was marked with high scores in horror, theme, and violence.

The Korea Media Rating Board stated their evaluation about the film, “This drama tells the story of a religious group trying to expand their world by shouting the judgment of God and people who dig up the truth. In the film, physical hazards such as physical violence and murder are shown in detail and repeatedly. Moreover, audiovisual fear will be stimulated and directly described.”


In addition, they also explained the reason for their decision of rating, “The theme, violence and horror items are expressed realistically, consistently, and specifically. This can have a harmful effect on young people and is inappropriate for teenagers to watch, so we decided the “teenager restricted” rating for the film.”

Meanwhile, “Hellbound” is a drama made based on a webtoon of the same name and will be released on November 19th with a total of 6 episodes.

Famous actors, including Yoo Ah In, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Won Jin Ah, and Yang Ik Jun, will appear in “Hellbound”.

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