Rosé opened up about her first time attending the world’s biggest fashion red carpet

Rosé (BlackPink) revealed that the first person she informed of attending the Met Gala was her sister.

On September 17, in the latest video in collaboration with Vogue, BLACKPINK’s Rosé shared her preparation for the 2021 Met Gala.

When asked who was the first person Rosé revealed that she would attend the Met Gala, the female idol excitedly answered, “The first person that I told was probably my sister.”

Rosé said she has always admired and respected her sister. “Growing up, she was my biggest inspiration. You know how little sisters look up to older sisters,” she shared.

Rosé also talked about the memories between her and her sister when they were young. The singer revealed that she used to always steal her sister’s clothes, although her sister would find out and get mad at her later. Rosé’s sister apparently has made a huge impact on the singer’s love for fashion and style.

Previously, on September 14, Rosé appeared at the 2021 Met Gala. She and 2NE1’s CL were the only two Korean female artists invited to the event.


When she showed up, Rosé immediately attracted the attention of fans when she was accompanied by Anthony Vaccarello – the creative director of the luxury brand YSL of which Rosé is the global ambassador. At the Met Gala, Rosé wore a black and white minidress, a large choker and a ponytail.

However, netizens expressed their disappointment when Rosé wore the same outfit she used to wear during a magazine photoshoot. Many comments claim that the brand’s decision made Rosé’s look at the Met Gala not outstanding enough, nothing was groundbreaking.

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