RIIZE’s Wonbin Wanted To Give Up After Seeing Sungchan & Eunseok’s Visuals When He Joined SM

RIIZE’s Wonbin looked back on his trainee days and complimented the visuals of members Sungchan and Eunseok

Recently, RIIZE’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video titled “[Vlog] Dinner in Paris / Louis Vuitton Show / TMI on board | RIIZE IN PARIS EP.2”. The members were seen visiting Paris, France to attend the Louis Vuitton show.

Inside the car on the way to the event venue, RIIZE members recalled their pre-debut days and shared various stories. Sohee mentioned his first impression of Anton, saying “When I first became a trainee… when I first saw Anton, he was wearing a light pink hoodie. I thought he was older.”

riize wonbin

He continued, Wonbin wore a hat and hip clothes. I thought he was a rapper. I hadn’t been able to see his face since he always had his hat on. Then, during the profile picture shoot, I thought a stranger was coming in. He was like a prince”.

Upon hearing that, Wonbin also shared his story, saying “I remember this clearly. When I first came to the company. I called Mom and Dad right away and said I couldn’t do it anymore. I was shocked when I first came. I’ve never seen such good-looking people in my life.” Sohee asked, “Who was it?”, and Wonbin replied, “Sungchan and Eunseok. They were good-looking and tall. Also, I had never seen anyone dance so well either. I thought I wasn’t good enough”.

Sohee commented, “Me, too. When I first joined the company in 2020. I lost motivation after seeing other trainees”

riize wonbin

Eunseok was cast four times by SM. At first, he was not interested in being an idol, but after being cast several times in front of his school, a subway station, and in the middle of Cheongdam-dong Street, he finally accepted the casting offer. Later, Eunseok made his face known to the public after being introduced through SM Rookies. After 5 years of training, he debuted in RIIZE.

Sungchan also had doubts about entering the entertainment industry but he changed his mind after getting street cast twice. Later, Sungchan attended a dance academy to improve his skills and finally passed SM audition in his third year of middle school. 

Wonbin joined SM after the company cast him through SNS DM. Regarding his casting story, Wonbin said, “I was lying in bed and suddenly received a casting offer”, adding “I didn’t want to go to school so I thought I should give it a try.”

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