NewJeans Won Song of The Year At 2024 Korean Music Awards, “Looking Forward To The Next Step”

Girl group NewJeans was awarded Song of the Year at the 21st Korean Music Awards for the song “Ditto”

The 21st Korean Music Awards was held on the evening of February 29th. Among the main categories, KISS OF LIFE won Rookie of the Year. NewJeans received Song of the Year with the song “Ditto”, while Silica Gel won Musician of the Year, and Album of the Year was given to Beenzino’s “NOWITZKI”.

Taking the stage to deliver their acceptance speech, NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein) greeted fans and expressed their feelings. Minji said, “Last year, we won Best K-pop Song at this awards with our debut song ‘Attention’. This year, we have taken a step further with “Ditto”, a song we participated in producing, so it is even more precious and meaningful to us”.

hanni newjeans

Minji continued, “I believe that NewJeans is always prepared for a new beginning. I and the members have experienced and learned a lot since last year, but there are still so many things we don’t know and have to learn. That’s why we are very excited and curious about the next step of NewJeans. Please look forward to the future of NewJeans and continue loving us”.

Hanni added, “I always gain strength from Bunnies, who always support us sincerely, to enjoy the promotions. Also, we would like to thank our CEO and everyone who loves ‘Ditto’. We’ll return with better music this year”.

Source: Daum

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