The ranking of idol groups with the best live dancing and singing abilities

Many people think this was just a ranking of idol groups’ popularity, not their true talent, especially when looking at 3rd place on the list!

Three years ago, a survey on the DC Inside forum became a controversial topic for netizens in Korea and many parts of the world.  Accordingly, a large number of users of this forum voted for idol groups with the most perfect singing and dancing skills. However, the results of this survey were opposed by many Kpop fans. 

Specifically, in 2018, DC Inside held a survey with the question: “Which idol group has the best ability to dance and sing live on stage?”.  Within a week of opening voting, this poll attracted 12,693 DC Inside users to vote. 

The ranking of idol groups with the best live dancing and singing abilities

As a result, it was surprising that the young groups simultaneously “surpassed” their experienced seniors to dominate the top 3 spots. Wanna One won first place with 3,459 votes (27,  3% of total votes).  BTS followed closely after in second place with 2,733 votes (accounting for 21.5% of the total votes).  TWICE is the female group with the highest ranking in this survey as they won 3rd place with 1,711 votes (representing 13.5% of the total votes).

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Meanwhile, 2nd generation groups that are always highly appreciated for their ability to dance and sing live like TVXQ, Big Bang, SHINee, INFINITE or talented young groups like MAMAMOO or BTOB have not won as high positions as expected by many people.  The full results of this survey are as follows:

The ranking of idol groups with the best live dancing and singing abilities

1. Wanna One – 3.459 vote (27,3%)

2. BTS – 2.733 vote (21,5%)

3. TWICE – 1.711 vote (13,5%)

4. Big Bang – 1.315 vote (10,4%)

5. NU’EST W – 1.286 vote (10,1%)

6. MAMAMOO – 367 vote (2,9%)

7. SHINee – 334 vote (2,6%)

8. G-Friend – 288 vote (2,3%)

9. TVXQ – 257 vote (2%)

10. Red Velvet – 167 vote (1,3%)

11. Lovelyz – 131 vote (1%)

12. Black Pink – 92 vote (0,7%)

13. BTOB – 87 vote (0,7%)

14. Highlight – 82 vote (0,6%)

15. EXO – 61 vote (0,5%)

16. B1A4 – 59 vote (0,5%)

17. INFINITE – 56 vote (0,4%)

18. A Pink – 43 vote (0,3%)

19. SEVENTEEN – 37 vote (0,3%)

20. VIXX – 30 vote (0,2%)

21. EXID – 29 vote (0,2%)

22. NCT – 20 vote (0,2%)

23. GOT7 – 19 vote (0,1%)

24. Super Junior – 18 vote (0,1%)

25. f(x) – 16 vote (0,1%)

This survey, of course, created great controversy among the Korean online community as well as the international community at that time.  Many netizens believed that this was merely a popularity chart, and fans had just voted for their favorite group, ignoring the true criteria of the survey. That is why all three groups at the top are all new generation idol groups that were extremely popular at that time.  Whereas older or less popular groups were underestimated.

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In particular, many people got angry when TWICE – a group often being criticized for their singing ability, won 3rd place. This showed that the results of this survey were not correct for its original purpose.

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