RIIZE’s Recent Merchandise Raises Concerns about Seunghan’s Future

The future of RIIZE’s Seunghan, who is on a hiatus due to past controversies, becomes vague with a recent merchandise drop. 

Back in November 2023, various old photos and videos of RIIZE’s Seunghan were leaked, leading to a huge controversy as the male idol allegedly smoked, dated, and made comments about fellow idols. 

While SM stated that this footage was maliciously edited, Seunghan still had to go on an indefinite hiatus and halt activities with RIIZE. 


Now, it has been almost 3 months since Seunghan’s controversies, and debates about whether the male idol will return to the group are on-going. 

Opinions are split regarding the matter, especially as Seunghan continues to abstain from RIIZE’s comebacks, yet occasionally appears in promotional videos. 

On the other hand, some suspect that Seunghan will end up leaving the group, claiming that the “7” (symbolizing the 7 members, including Seunghan) in RIIZE’s logo has been removed. 

Additionally, SM recently released a new line of merchandise involving the official plushies of 6 members, excluding Seunghan. The plushies are known to have been designed by the members themselves. 

As Seunghan’s absence continues, many have speculated that Seunghan’s hiatus may lead to his eventual departure, or at least, the hiatus is not ending anytime soon. 

Source: Krb, Pann Nate, Pannchoa

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