Lee Jun Ho answers Forbes interview, “Choosing ‘King the Land’? I wanted to act in a healing drama”

Actor Lee Jun Ho revealed behind-the-scenes stories about “King the Land” in an interview with the US magazine Forbes.

On July 29th (local time), Forbes released an interview with Lee Jun Ho. During the talk, he confessed, “I wanted to do a romantic comedy”.

Lee Jun Ho mentioned his previous work “The Red Sleeve”, which helped him win many Best Actor awards. He said, “I think ‘The Red Sleeve’ left a lingering feeling in viewers’ hearts”, adding “When choosing the next work, I focused more on the script with a different genre or atmosphere”.

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Regarding the reason he decided to participate in “King the Land”, Lee Jun Ho said, “I found it very easy to watch and anyone can catch up with the story even if they watch it starting from the middle. I felt like it’s a healing work that you can enjoy comfortably at any time.”

He continued, “The good atmosphere on the set of ‘The Red Sleeve’ gave me hope that I could make better works. That’s why I thought if I worked with the staff and other actors with responsibility, I could present viewers with more interesting dramas and let them feel the filming atmosphere”.

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Regarding his effort to portray Goo Won in “King the Land”, Lee Jun Ho said, “I worked out hard to build up a nice body because I wanted to express the confidence and attractive side of Goo Won even when he doesn’t say anything or not wearing a suit”, adding “I tried to portray how Goo Won changes while looking for his lost smile through Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah)”.

Showing his preference for romcoms, the actor said, “Comedy adds a sense of realism to romance”. He continued, “Many people seem to enjoy romances because they can put aside their worries while watching such dramas”, adding, “Romantic comedies have the power to make people’s hearts flutter and bring joy at the same time. I wanted to do something that would bring happiness and comfort to people, and happened to encounter this drama.”

Meanwhile, “King the Land”, starring Lee Jun Ho, attracts keen attention and is currently ranking No.1 in Netflix’s TOP 10 non-English TV & English TV Shows.

Source: Daum

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