RIIZE’s Anton Posted Photos With IU, Showing Off Long Time Sister-Brother Relationship

A photo of singer IU and RIIZE’s Antone has recently been released, gathering attention.

On March 4th, Anton posted a photo of himself with IU on RIIZE’s official social networking service with the message, “I always support you, sister! It was nice to meet you as RIIZE’s Anton.”

In the released photo, Anton was gently putting his hand on IU’s shoulder. IU also made a heart-warming hand gesture toward Anton. In addition to the photo of Anton and IU together, another photo of all RIIZE members and IU could also be found.


Anton said he also supports IU’s remaining concerts, hoping that IU, UAENA (IU’s fandom name), RIIZE, and BRIIZE (RIIZE fandom name) will be loved more in the future.

Earlier on March 3rd, IU held a solo concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and RIIZE appeared as a guest on the same day.

iu-riize anton

At this event, IU said, “I finally meet Anton as a rising star for the first time since his debut in the entertainment industry. Anton used to be so short and cute,” added, “It felt strange but touching to meet him as a senior and a junior.” Anton was born in 2004 and is 184 centimeters tall.

The link between IU and Anton is producer and singer Yoon Sang. Yoon Sang is Anton’s father and has a close relationship with IU. IU even calls him her “father.” He also wrote “Only I Didn’t Know” (2011), which is known as one of IU’s masterpieces.

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