“Reply 1988” star Choi Sung Won: Battling leukemia, dropping out of a drama, writing his will, and more 

Actor Choi Sung Won has been going through a tough time after he was diagnosed with leukemia. 

Choi Sung Won was born in 1985. Entering the industry in 2007, it was not until the age of 30 that he shot to fame as a drama actor thanks to his role in “Reply 1988”, where he plays Sung Dong Il‘s youngest son and Hye Ri’s little brother. Although he has less screen time than the rest of the drama’s characters, Choi Sung Won still left a good impression on the audience with his natural acting. 

Following the success of “Reply 1988”, Choi Sung Won was expected to land more roles, but just when his career was on the rise, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia in May 2016. During the filming of the drama “Mirror Of The Witch”, he suffered from minor bruises, felt abnormally in his body due to the slower recovery than usual, so he headed to the hospital for a test and received the result saying he had acute leukemia. This caused him to cease all entertainment activities to focus on treatment. Fortunately, half a year into his treatment, Choi Sung Won could announce that he did not have cancer. In 2017, Choi Sung Won resumed his activities in acting, but 3 years later, in November 2020, he was once again hospitalized to be treated for leukemia. 

Recently, Choi Sung Won made an appearance on JTBC’s “Between Us” after a long absence from the screen. On the show, he opened up about the tough time he underwent, making viewers feel sad for him. Choi Sung Won even wrote and erased his own will many times. He got desperate because he did not understand why bad things kept happening to him.

Choi Sung Won

Currently, Choi Sung Won has received a bone marrow transplant and is completely cured, but leukemia has left many aftereffects such as dry skin, mouth, and eyes, split nails, shortness of breath, making it difficult for him at times. Although his physical condition is not in its best state, on January 18, Choi Sung Won signed a contract with Wide-S Company and is set to make a comeback in MBC’s upcoming drama “Showtime Begins“. This is Choi Sung Won’s first drama since his leukemia treatment.

Choi Sung Won
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