Rain showed his affection for the beauty of his wife – Kim Tae-hee, “Wowww! Pretty Taehee

Rain expressed his love for Kim Tae-hee publicly.

On November 5th, Kim Taehee updated her SNS with several photos and said, “It’s really been a long time, right?…^^” The released pictures revealed that Kim Tae-hee was busy these days with schedules, such as shooting for pictorials and advertisements. While at work, Kim Tae-hee’s unrivaled beauty still shone and caught the eyes of everyone.

The actress added in her status, saying, “A day seems to end so fast these days. I hope that I can spend time sharing my daily moments with you and come back with a good drama/movie soon~~ The weather has suddenly gotten so cold. Everyone, be careful. Don’t catch a cold.”

Kim Tae-hee Bi Rain

Kim Tae-hee’s post drew even more attention when her husband – Rain left a comment. He showed off his affection for Kim Tae-hee by putting a lot of hearts emoticons and said, “Wowwww!!!Tae-bbeu (Tae-hee is so beautiful) ♥♥♥♥♥♥”

Netizens who saw the couple’s cute interaction reacted, saying, “Rain oppa is such an affectionate lover”, “You can’t do this here”, “I feel good just by looking at them”. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee and Rain got married in 2017, and the couple has 2 daughters.

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