Kim Gu-ra praised Song Ji-hyo, “Your hairstyle has been a hot topic. It suits you well”

Broadcaster Kim Gu-ra and actress Song Ji-hyo showed up together as award presenters.

The 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards on the evening of December 18th was hosted by Lee Seung-gi, Jang Do-yeon, and Han Hye-jin. After appearing on stage as a presenter, Kim Gu-ra drew attention by giving an unexpected talk with Song Ji-hyo.

Kim Gu-ra praised Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji-hyo said to Kim Gu-ra, who recently had the second child with his remarried wife at an old age, “You became a wannabe icon for fathers who have children late. Congratulations!”, adding, “A member of Running Man also wants to have children at their old age.”

Kim Gu-ra praised Song Ji-hyo

After that, Kim Gu-ra speculated, “Ha Ha already has many children… That person is no other than Ji Seok-jin”. When Ha Ha waved his hand, Kim Gu-ra continued, “Ji Seok-jin is known among comedians as an energetic person. I think it would be possible if his wife is young and they are willing to have a baby.”

Kim Gu-ra praised Song Ji-hyo

In addition, Kim Gu-ra also complimented Song Ji-hyo, saying, “Your hairstyle has become a hot topic these days. I personally think it suits you so well.” In response, Song Ji-hyo gave a witty answer, saying,  “Thank you. Becoming a father of a late-born child also suits you well, sunbaenim (senior)”

Kim Gu-ra praised Song Ji-hyo
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