Red Velvet’s Joy Boasted Cute Visuals Even With A Nose-Warmer On

Red Velvet’s Joy showed off her beauty despite wearing a nose warmer

In the latest episode of SBS’ “TV Animal Farm,” which aired on December 10, the MCs told viewers how to prepare for the cold winter.

“It’s very cold in the morning and evening these days. Do you endure the cold well?” said Shin Dong-yeop. “I hate winter the most because I get cold easily,” said Joy. “People like me who are especially vulnerable to the cold weather usually have insufficient muscle mass or thin skin.” “The same applies to people who often eat late-night snacks,” she added.

When Jeong Sun-hee said, “Why does eating late-night snacks make you cold?” Joy replied, “When I eat before bed, blood flows into my stomach for digestion. Then, I feel even colder because my blood circulation and metabolism are not smooth.”

Tony Ahn then revealed his favorite winter item, a nose warmer, calling himself a professional collector of cold-weather goods. Also known as nose blankets, nose warmers are used for people with a sore nose. MCs tried wearing nose warm clothes and then expressed satisfaction, saying, “My nose is warm,” “My nose is coming back,” and “We look like a real animal farm.”

Source: Newsen

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