PD Na Young-seok Spotted At IVE’s Concert, Ahn Yu-jin Greeted Enthusiastically 

Netizens were surprised to see PD Na Young-seok at the first solo concert of IVE

IVE held the Seoul concert of their first world tour “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th and 8th of October.

In particular, the fact that PD Na Young-seok attended IVE’s concert on the first day (Oct 7th) drew keen attention online.

That day, a post titled “Ahn Yu-jin met PD Na Young-seok at the concert” appeared on the online community theqoo. The post shows Ahn Yu-jin greeting someone with a big smile at IVE’s concert.

It turned out that Ahn Yu-jin was welcoming PD Na Young-seok, whom she worked with in tvN’s program “Earth Arcade”. The two showed perfect chemistry as a PD and a cast member and received huge love for their interactions like father and daughter. 

Seeing PD Na Young-seok at the concert, Ahn Yu-jin couldn’t hide her excitement so she ran towards his seat. Seeing Ahn Yu-jin, PD Na Young-seok also smiled brightly.

After the concert, Ahn Yu-jin also revealed a behind-the-scenes of PD Na Young-seok’s appearance at the concert at the press conference for IVE’s world tour on the 8th. 

Expressing her gratitude to PD Na Young-seok, the IVE member said, “This is our first solo concert, so I wanted to invite him and I contacted him directly. Luckily, he said he was available on that day and would come to the concert with ‘Earth Arcade’ staff”, adding “After the concert, PD Na Young-seok gave good feedback. He said, ‘I enjoyed the concert. You looked very cool on the stage’.

In response to this, netizens commented, “Why was he at the concert?”, “She was like a polite puppy”, “They’re really like daughter and father”, “Look at Na PD’s smile”, “Both of them are so cute and funny. In the middle of the concert, she still managed to bow and greet him”, etc. 

Meanwhile, rapper Lee Young-ji made a special guest appearance at IVE’s concert to show her support for Ahn Yu-jin. She appeared on the unit stage of Ahn Yu-jin and Leeseo to perform a rap featuring. The three showed off their girl crush charms with the song “Woman Like Me”. 

After the concert, Lee Young-ji shared on her Instagram, saying “I participated in IVE’s first solo concert as a surprise guest. Yu-jin really shines the most brightly when she’s on the stage. Thank you all Yu-jin, Leeseo, IVE and DIVE”. Ahn Yu-jin also replied to Lee Young-ji’s post, saying “Unnie, you’re the best. I love you. You’re the coolest person in the world”.

Source: Wikitree

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