Stars Who Lied About Their Ages To Debut In The Entertainment Industry, From Narsha To Lee Si-young

These celebrities reduced their age to carry out activities because the entertainment industry was sensitive about age back then

In the December 12th broadcast of a Channel S entertainment program, Narsha called Lee Ji-hyun “unnie (older sister)”. However, after knowing Lee Ji-hyun’s birth year during their meal, she confessed her real age. In fact, Narsha is one year older than Lee Ji-hyun. The female singer introduced herself that she was born in 1983 when making her debut, but later confessed that she was born in 1981 on a “Strong Heart” broadcast in 2009. 


Last year, Hyun-young appeared on “Radio Star” and explained the reason she lied about her age in the past. 1976-born Hyun-young carried out activities as a 1981-celebrity. She shared, “My agency told me to reduce my age. Not only me, but many people did the same thing”.

Showing up on MBC’s “Golden Fishery” in 2013, Lee Si-young revealed that she lied about her age to make her debut. Regarding the reason why she had no choice but to do that, the actress said, “I debuted after graduating from college. I thought I would become a star soon, but I was still an unknown actress after 4 years”, adding “Being 25 years old and 27 years old were very different. If I said I was 27, people would tell me to get married”.


Sun Woo-seon was active as an actress born in 1980 but she was actually born in 1975. Kim Sook recalled her first meeting with Sun Woo-seon on a program, saying “I thought she was younger than me, but it turned out that we were the same age”. In response, Sun Woo-seon added, “I was active with the age of 1980. I later confessed my real age to Kim Sook to become closer to her”.

Some stars even reduced their ages by 10 years. Lee Gai, who made her debut as a member of Baby Vox in the 1990s, was born in 1978. However, she was introduced as a member born in 1988 during her debut days. She left the group after people found out that her real age was 10 years older than her profile age.

Source: Daum

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