Rapper Swings, “I’m a hip-hop guardian… Lee Chan Hyuk, who say ‘hip-hop isn’t cool’, is stupid”

Swings commented on Lee Chan Hyuk’s lyrics that say “Hip-hop is not cool”.

On May 7th, a video titled “Tanaka, let’s sign with our company (with Swings)” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Namolla family hotshow”.


That day, Tanaka told Swings,Lee Chan Hyuk said hip-hop was not cool”.

Swings replied, “That friend needs to think a lot more. He must grow up more. People can sometimes become a little bbaga (which means ‘silly/stupid’ in Japanese).”


Tanaka said, “Lee Chan Hyuk is stupid? You think he said hip-hop isn’t cool because he’s a fool.” Swings responded, “That’s right”.

When Tanaka asked, “Wasn’t the word ‘bbaga’ a little strong?”, Swings explained, “If you dare to say such a thing, you should at least be prepared to hear words like ‘bbaga’. And since you’re a man”.

He emphasized, “You should prepare yourself to hear whatever comment when saying such things or going out on ‘Show Me The Money’.”

Swings added, “It’s just a slight ‘slap’. Because I’m a hip-hop guardian”.

Source Wikitree

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