The 2022 K-drama appearances of 4 SNSD members : gorgeous Yoona, disappointing Seohyun

Half of SNSD make their returns in new K-dramas within 2022. 

The first half of 2022 welcomes a lot of idol appearances in K-drama with varying degrees of success. Interestingly, the Kpop girl group SNSD (also known as Girls Generation) alone has 4 members who assume roles in 2022 K-dramas so far. Let’s check out their appearances. 

1. Yoona

The gorgeous Yoona recently returned in the crime K-drama “Big Mouth”, starring alongside famous actor Lee Jong Suk. As one of the “visual goddesses” of Kpop, Yoona managed to impress again with her spectacular visuals that can fit all sorts of images, from high school student to married woman. 

In addition, Yoona has received a lot of praise for her acting skills, with various netizens saying the idol-actress has shown “remarkable improvements”. “Big Mouth” is also breaking personal records, and promises to be one of Yoona’s most iconic works. 

2. Seohyun 

As a youngest member of SNSD, Seohyun has starred in 2 acting projects since the start of 2022, with the movie “Love and Leashes” and the recently concluded K-drama “Jinxed at First”. Through the two shows, Seohyun delivered two completely different images, showing her versatility. 

Unfortunately, both of Seohyun’s projects ended up performing under expectations. “Love and Leashes”, for example, embraces a unique premise, yet is said to be “cringey” and “bland”. Meanwhile, “Jinxed At First” had a good start but fell flat in later episodes, making it a waste of the initial potential. 

Therefore, despite showing off her flexible acting skills, Seohyun did not gain much attention from her 2022 works. 

3. Sooyoung

In 2022, Sooyoung will make her appearance in the upcoming K-drama “If You Wish Upon Me”, starring alongside famous actors Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il. From what was released of this series so far, “If You Wish Upon Me” exudes the vibes of a healing drama, with simple yet heartfelt stories.

In this particular drama, Soo Young assumes the role of the nurse Yeon Joo, and thus only wears extremely light makeup and simple clothes. The idol-actress boasts a stunning beauty nevertheless, raising high expectations for this project. 

4. Yuri 

The final SNSD member that will soon hit the Korean screen is none other than the “black pearlYuri, with her upcoming movie “Good Job”. As of the moment, this project is highly-anticipated, as here, Yuri will reunite with actor Jung Il Woo – who co-starred with her in last year’s successful historical drama “Bossam: Steal The Fate”.

In “Good Job”, Yuri will transform into Don Sera, who was born with a special pair of eyes and thus always has to wear glasses to cover them up. Still, 

she often uses her ability to help others, regardless of the inconveniences it brings her. 

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