VIVIZ’s performance of GFRIEND’s hit songs moved the audience and this female idol to tears 

VIVIZ’s stage on “Queendom 2” is gaining much attention. 

Mnet’s Queendom 2, with the participation of popular female Kpop idols, is garnering much attention. On March 31st, the show premiered its first episode with explosive performances, drawing plenty of praise from viewers. 

Queendom 2
Queendom 2 is one of the most talked-about idol shows at the moment

In episode 1, VIVIZ brought an emotional opening stage as they decided to perform two iconic old songs of GFRIEND, “Time For The Moon Night” and “Rough”.

VIVIZ performed GFRIEND’s hit songs
Queendom 2
VIVIZ delivered a touching performance

Many viewers, especially fans of GFRIEND and VIVIZ, were moved to tears because of the meaningful number appearing at the end of the performance: 01160209. These numbers are GFRIEND’s debut date (0116) and VIVIZ’s debut date (0209). Watching SinB, Eunha, and Umji on stage performing GFRIEND’s songs without other members and with backup dancers filling the missing positions made fans miss GFRIEND as a whole even more. 

Queendom 2
VIVIZ’s performance is a tearjerker 
Queendom 2
The meaningful number appeared at the end of the performance

Moreover, VIVIZ’s performance also makes netizens upset and mad as they recall the sudden and regrettable disbandment of GFRIEND. GFRIEND was one of the top 3rd generation girl groups with great songs, outstanding talents and visuals. They were expected to be active in the industry for a long time. 

However, the group had extremely sudden disbandment that surprised everyone. This was considered the most shocking disbandment in Kpop history because 6 girls had never shown any signs of controversy or disagreement about the termination of their contracts with Source Music and their careers were still stable. Up to now, the reason for GFRIEND’s disbandment has not been revealed. People believe that the group did not want to disband, but Source Music and HYBE caused a conflict that made the members unable to agree to renew their contracts.

Queendom 2
GFRIEND’s disbandment made Kpop fans sad

In particular, a senior in the industry cried while watching VIVIZ’s performance. It was Hyuna. Seeing this, many netizens felt the same way.

Hyuna sobbed while watching VIVIZ’s performance
  • Go watch this episode. I sobbed, especially the parts when they called Sowon and Mnet showed old videos of GFRIEND during SinB’s interview.
  • Previous “cheap moment” with Hyuna. I cried a lot, too.
  • Hyuna cried because she could relate to it. Hyuna was also a member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute, so I’m sure not everyone can understand the nostalgic feeling and the desire to reproduce group stages like Hyuna.
  • I saw the video of Hyuna crying yesterday and couldn’t believe it. She cried until her face turned red.
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