Fans of BLACKPINK Jennie are startled by the female idol’s new photos

BLACKPINK Jennie stirred up concern among some fans when she posted travel photos on her Instagram account.

On July 11th, BLACKPINK Jennie uploaded several photos from her recent trip, making her fans’ hearts race. 

In particular, the photo shows Jennie hiking with a Chanel backpack while wearing sportswear. Despite covering her face with a padded jacket and a hat, Jennie still displayed her adorable “Jendeukie” charm.

blackpink jennie

However, the female idol caught attention by sitting on a breathtaking cliff in some photos, as if wanting to capture the best shot of her life at the travel destination.

The wind also seems to be blowing fiercely, making the scene look frightening. However, Jennie sat calmly and enjoyed the expansive sunset, swinging her legs.

It is known that the place Jennie visited was “Lincoln’s Rock” a spot in Blue Mountains, Sydney, that allows a panoramic view. Known for its natural beauty, it is a popular location for wedding photo shoots.

blackpink jennie

Nevertheless, fans couldn’t help but be startled as Jennie sat at the edge of a cliff, and showed concern via comments like “It’s still too dangerous,” “Jennie has a strong heart,” and “Get down immediately!”

On the other hand, some netizens understood Jennie’s genuine desire for capturing a life-changing moment, saying, “I want to go to Sydney too” and “Even if I’m trembling with fear, I would still want to take a picture there.”

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