Evidence of another actor and singer’s drug use emerges amidst prolonged investigation into Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon

Amidst the prolonged investigation into actor Lee Sun-kyun (48) and singer G-Dragon’s (35, real name Kwon Ji-yong) alleged drug use, attention is drawn to another actor and singer as evidence of their drug use emerges

According to Ilyosisa on Dec 4th, A (29), an adult entertainment establishment female employee who had already been arrested, testified to another actor B’s drug use.

A mentioned, “B visited the restroom where cocaine was present several times and stayed there for a long time. Even though they didn’t drink alcohol, their eyes were noticeably dilated.”

In addition, it was reported that A claimed another celebrity, singer C, to have used drugs in December last year and early this year.

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A told the police, “C used various types of drugs placed on a tray at an acquaintance’s house. C said ‘they liked cocaine’ among them.”

However, it has not been confirmed whether the police have obtained additional evidence regarding A’s additional statement.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun received negative results in urine, hair, leg hair and armpit hair tests. Initially, he stated “I didn’t know it was drugs“, but after the results came out negative in the National Forensic Service drug tests, he reversed his position, saying, “It might not be drug use.” The police are expected to continue the investigation based on evidence such as text messages exchanged between Lee Sun-kyun and A.

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However, there is a high possibility that G-Dragon’s case will be concluded without indictment. A, during police investigation, reversed her statement, saying “I didn’t see Mr. Kwon directly using drugs” and suggested that another actor who visited the adult entertainment establishment with him may have done it. This aspect adds weight to the possibility of G-Dragon’s non-indictment.

The police maintain a cautious stance.

In a recent press conference, they stated, “All possibilities are open until the investigation results are concluded. In some precedents, even with negative results, guilty verdicts will be made if there’s clear evidence of drug use.

Source: Daum

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