Kakao teams up with Metaverse to launch a 4-member AI girl group

After K/DA and aespa, a girl group with AI members is about to debut in the near future.

In a recent report, Bloter said that Kakao Entertainment and Netmarble – the holding company of Metaverse Entertainment are preparing to launch a virtual girl group consisting of 4 members.

Accordingly, the group will be known as MAVE and will strive to reach a global audience. Netmarble will be in charge of character development, while Kakao will focus on marketing to increase public interest in the group.


As can be seen, Metaverse Entertainment is a breakthrough in the virtual reality industry in Korea. The company also plans to develop an AI platform with many games related to the metaverse, including allowing players to manage virtual idols.


Meanwhile, Kakao Entertainment currently owns several well-known K-Pop agencies, including Starship Entertainment, Play M Entertainment, and Cre.ker Entertainment.

kakao ent

It seems that virtual groups are the new trend of Kpop. Previously, in 2018, a K-Pop-inspired girl group with League of Legends characters debuted under the name K/DA. At the end of 2020, Korea’s leading entertainment company, SM Entertainment also launched aespa, a girl group consisting of 4 real members and 4 ae (virtual members) of the members themselves. aespa also quickly attracted a large number of fans thanks to their interesting concept.

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