Profile of Stray Kids’ I.N – A Powerful Maknae with Unlimited Potential (2024 Updated)

The “maknae” (youngest member) of Stray Kids, I.N, is improving his skills and looking more dashing day by day.

Who is I.N? 

I.N. whose full name is Yang Jeongin, was born on February 8, 2001. He is a member of famous K-pop boy group Stray Kids, and serves as the youngest member and vocalist of the group. 

stray kids-i.n

I.N’s Biography

  • Birth Name: Yang Jeongin
  • Stage Name: I.N (아이엔)
  • Date of Birth: February 8, 2001
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Representative Animal: Fennec Fox
  • Unit: Vocal Racha
  • Instagram: @i.2.n.8

I.N’s Basic Information

I.N was born in Busan, South Korea. He started studying at SOPA (School of Performing Art) in Applied Music and Vocal in 2017 and graduated in 2021.

I.N is known to have realized his love for singing in middle school and started to participate in auditions when he was in 8th grade. He was accepted as a JYP trainee after auditioning twice. 

I.N’s Career 

In 2017, I.N was officially revealed by JYP for his participation in the survival show “Stray Kids”. At the time, he was introduced with the “Vocal Role”. 

In 2018, I.N debuted as a vocalist of Stray Kids, and is the youngest member of the group. 

I.N released the song “Maknae On Top” featuring Stray Kids members Bang Chan and Changbin in 2021, as part of the SKZ-PLAYER series. In the next year, he participated in the writing and composition for the solo song “Hug Me” for the SKZ-REPLAY album.

He also released the song “untitled”, featuring member Hyunjin in 2023 as part of the SKZ-RECORD series.

Additional facts about I.N 

stray kids-i.n

I.N has an older brother and a younger brother, and is a Catholic. He is extremely fond of trot songs, and he often sings trot as a hobby. 

According to I.N himself, he would like to be an elementary school teacher if he wasn’t in Stray Kids. 

In addition, Despite Stray Kids being an extremely popular group, I.N always sought to improve himself, and is known to scout his own vocal teacher outside of JYP Entertainment. He now attends Voice Tuning classes alongside fellow member Seungmin, and his singing ability has improved tremendously. 

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