Lai Guan Lin’s father said, “I want my son to work in a better environment” amid the argument with Cube Ent.

WANNA ONE’s former member, Lai Guan Lin, recently sent a confirmation to his agency, Cube Entertainment, requesting his contract be terminated. Lai Guan Lin’s father recently got the attention after he explained why Guan Lin decided to do this.

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He told Taiwan’s media on the 20th that “Lai Guan Lin is solving the issue between him and Cube Ent.

Thanks for all the support from Cube Entertainment, but there have been many problems happened during their cooperation process. It has affected not only the fundamental problems, but also Lai Guan Lin’s health,” he continued.

I want my son to work in a better environment,” he said, explaining why he decided to request a contract termination.

After debuting as the project group WANNA ONE through Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2“, Lai Guan Lin has finished the activity with this team in January. Afterward, he returned to his agency and continued his activities as a unit with Wooseok of Pentagon.

He was busy traveling between Korea and China for many schedules such as appearing in the Chinese drama “A Little Thing Called Love“.

When the news about his request to cancel the contract with Cube Entertainment got out, fans were curious about the inside story.

There has been no reason for us to terminate our exclusive contract,” Cube Ent. said. “We are currently verifying the authenticity of the content in the letter of notification as well as whether Lai Kuanlin’s legal representative has the power of attorney.

They also expressed that even though they have faithfully fulfilled their duties as an agency, they will actively respond through legal procedures to any groundless questions about the company.

Source: dispatch

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