Police sent Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young to prosecution on charges of illegally obtaining sleeping pills and receiving proxy prescriptions

Media reported that Hook’s CEO Kwon Jin Young ordered employees to receive sleeping pills and prescriptions with false symptoms.

On June 23rd, SBS Entertainment News, the Metropolitan Investigation Unit’s Serious Crime Investigation Division reportedly sent CEO Kwon and three people, including two former and current employees and one executive, to the prosecution on the 19th on charges of illegally obtaining sleeping pills, some kinds of psychotropic drugs.

Kwon Jin young

According to the police, CEO Kwon is accused of ordering employee A, who worked at Hook in January last year, to visit a hospital in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and claimed false symptoms to obtain 14 tablets of sleeping pills.

In addition, CEO Kwon is also accused of receiving two tablets of sleeping pills from employee B, who had been taking the medication regularly, and obtained a prescription for personal use from the hospital through Director Choi, an executive at Hook, in January last year.

The police also discovered that CEO Kwon, who used Hook employees as patients on behalf of her, had been taking sleeping pills through proxy prescriptions at a university hospital in Sinchon, Seoul for nearly four years without submitting the necessary documents. As a result, four medical staff involved in the proxy prescription process were also sent to prosecution on charges of violating the medical law.


CEO Kwon is reported to have acknowledged the related allegations during the police investigation.

CEO Kwon is currently having a legal dispute with singer Lee Seung Gi over not paying him for 18 years. 

In November last year, Lee Seung Gi sent a statement to Hook, claiming that he had not received any settlements for the profits of 137 songs he released as well as advertising fees.

Later, Hook unilaterally paid Lee Seung Gi billions of won, but Lee Seung Gi continued to sue CEO Kwon Jin Young and four former and current executives on charges of embezzlement and fraud.

Source: Wikitree

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