Police Plan To End G-Dragon’s Drug Case & Summon Lee Sun-kyun Regarding Blackmailing Lawsuit

The police will enter the final stage of the investigation on G-Dragon and consider summoning Lee Sun-kyun again

When asked about the investigation into G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong)’s drug charges at the regular press conference on December 11th, the head of the Investigative Division of the National Police Agency said, “We conducted an objective verification and have reached a certain point of the final stage of the investigation after questioning 6 witnesses”, adding “We will try to end the investigation and announce the results as soon as possible”.

Earlier, the police launched an investigation on A, a female director of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, and arrested her. Based on A’s claim of seeing G-Dragon take drugs at her entertainment establishment in December last year, the police booked the male singer. In response, G-Dragon firmly denied drug charges and voluntarily attended the police summons. Eventually, he tested negative in all kinds of drug tests.

However, when asked about the possibility of G-Dragon not being prosecuted at a press conference last month, a high-ranking police officer said, “In fact, drugs can be administered in various circumstances, it is not appropriate to not prosecute him just because of the negative test results.” They also explained that some people were still confirmed guilty of drug use with clear evidence despite testing negative in forensic tests.

lee sun kyun

The police are also planning to summon actor Lee Sun-kyun again. They will conduct an intensive investigation into Lee Sun-kyun’s complaint against A on charges of blackmailing.

A director of the National Police Agency said, “Lee Sun-kyun’s investigation is underway for not only the drug charges but also the fact that he sued the female director for blackmailing”, adding “The blackmailing case is an important means to assess the credibility of the subjective statements of those involved in the drug allegations, including the suspect and witnesses.”

They added, “If the investigation proceeds with further connections with the blackmailing case, we will review an arrest warrant for him”, adding “No specific date for the additional summons has been set”

Source: Daum

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