“Why is the lower body strength so strong?” Former T-ARA member Jiyeon boasts a jaw-dropping physique at the gym that even leaves her husband in awe 

Former T-ARA member Jiyeon draws attention with her enviable physique.

On May 16th,  former girl group T-ARA member Jiyeon posted on her Instagram account with the caption, “It’s hard…” In the released video, Jiyeon was visiting and working on a lower-body training exercise. 


In a cropped T-shirt and leggings, Jiyeon drew attention by showing off her clear “apple hip” line whenever she put strength on her legs. The singer also boasted a powerful strength that contradicts her slender physique. 


Also on the post, her husband Hwang Jae Gyun commented after seeing the video, “Why is the lower body strength so strong?” showing his amazement. Netizens are entertained to see Jiyeon’s beauty, physical to athletic ability even caught her husband’s attention. 


They also added funny responses, such as “Hwang Jae Gyun must be paying twice as much tax” and “Hwang Jae Gyun must have saved the country in his previous life”. 

Last year, singer Jiyeon and baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun got married in December with the blessings of family, friends, and fans. They are enjoying a happy and content marriage life. 

Source: Insight 

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