Police, “Lee Sun-kyun Never Admitted He Was Tricked By A To Use Drugs”

Police revealed that recent reports on Lee Sun-kyun’s statements was exaggerated

In an interview with Star News on November 5, a police official said,Lee Sun-kyun only answered ‘yes’ and ‘don’t know’ in the process of the police asking,” adding, “He did not explicitly describe directly that he was deceived by A or took drugs without knowing.”

lee sun kyun

Previously, according to various Korean media outlets, Lee Sun-kyun was believed to have stated in the second summons that “A gave the drug to me, saying it was prescribed for insomnia.”

The reports said that Lee Sun-kyun also replied, “I didn’t know,” to the police’s question, “Didn’t you know it was a drug?” Because of these reports, it was known to the public that the actor admitted as if he had “not known, but took drugs.”

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