People who applied for the “A Killer Paradox” goods event, their names are all unusual

Amidst the popularity of Netflix's series "A Killer Paradox", an event hosted by Netflix Korea is drawing attention

Netflix Korea opened an event titled “Finding Awkward Names” through its official Instagram on Feb 11th.

The purpose of this event is to provide a bit of “name luck” to those who have suffered losses in life due to somewhat peculiar names, such as the characters in the drama, Lee Tang (played by Choi Woo-sik) and Jang Nan-gam (played by Son Suk-ku). Five winners selected through a draw among participants will receive “A Killer Paradox” merchandise.

Finding Awkward Names

As the intriguing event unfolded, many people showed interest. As of noon on the deadline day of the event, Feb 13th, over 550 people participated by leaving comments.

Participants in the “Finding Awkward Names” event shared their experiences of embarrassment caused by their names along with their names.

The participant who received the most support from netizens was someone with the name “Son Ggobhin”. They expressed their frustration, “When I explain my name over the phone, people can’t understand it. When I say ‘Ggobhin’ while on the subway, they stare at me because they think I’m saying ‘Ggob’ in ‘bae-ggob (belly button)’ and ‘Hin’ in ‘Hinduism’.

Another person with the name “Son Charisma” drew attention by saying, “I won’t explain anything special. It’s my real name, and I’ve never changed it.

Finding Awkward Names

While these names are rare and unique, some people felt uncomfortable with that uniqueness from time to time.

“Choi Goyo” said, “I felt a lot of pressure to be the best (choi-go) at everything because of my name. I’m definitely not a quiet (go-yo) person, so it’s sometimes awkward. Still, my name is quite unique and memorable, so I’m really grateful to my mom.”

“Ju Seyo” (Please) said, “When I was young, adults would look at me strangely every time I told them my name. Sometimes they even gave me candy. But I really like my name. I will continue to lead with good words and actions in the future.

“Oh Bada” joked, “If I don’t win, it’s really over (oh-ba).

Finding Awkward Names

Besides, individuals with names similar to or the same as famous figures, such as Lee Jaeyong, Lee Jaemyung, Park Geunhye, Yoo Jaeseo, Jun Jihyun, Won Bin, Park Yeonjin, also shared their own grievances.

Based on the webtoon of the same name by Kkomabi, “A Killer Paradox” tells the story of a man who accidentally murders a serial killer and a detective who pursues him relentlessly.

Released worldwide through Netflix on Feb 9th, it has maintained the top spot in the “Korea TOP10 series” since the day after its release.

Source: Wikitree

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