Park Min-young Owns 11 Billion Won Building With Monthly Rent Of 37 Million Won

The market price of the building Park Min-young purchased under the name of a family company is over 10 billion won

The family company in which Park Min-young is serving as an in-house director purchased a building in Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul in April 2018. According to News1, Park Min-young’s family completed the deal with 4.385 billion won.

After paying the remaining balance, Park Min-young’s family entrusted the building and set the maximum bond value of 3 billion won after construction. It is estimated that they borrowed 2.5 billion won. Construction cost is speculated to be around 2.4 billion won.

park min young

As a result, the building’s acquisition cost is estimated to be 7.3 billion won. The market value of the building is known to be in the range of 11 billion won. The building’s monthly rent is around 3.7 million won with a deposit of 500 million won. The annual income rate based on the purchase price is 4%.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young starred in tvN’s drama “Marry My Husband” earlier this year and gained huge love from viewers. The “Marry My Husband” also received a reward vacation to Vietnam after the drama surpassed 10% in viewership.

Before the drama aired, Park Min-young suffered from controversies over receiving money from her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun. She also denied the suspicions of being an inside director of a small and medium-sized construction company.

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