Park Ha Sun’s company clarified the rumor of Park Ha Sun allegedly having a relationship with the “fake-chaebol” Mr.Kim

Actress Park Ha Sun’s representative has announced their intense response to the rumors that involved the actress in the case of Mr.Kim.

On September 1, Keyeast Entertainment posted their official statement:

“Recently, many false articles and information about Park Ha Sun in relation to the case of Mr.Kim have been spread on various online communities and SNS sites. In response, we want to inform you that we will reveal the truths and take stern legal actions against those who created and spread false information to defame Park Ha Sun.

At the end of 2020, the contract of Park Ha Sun and our company had expired and she was taking her time to think about renewing her contract. At that time, an old manager who already left our company introduced Mr.Kim as a member of a management company to Park Ha Sun. Therefore, Park Ha Sun and her manager did have a meeting with Mr.Kim once.

Park Ha Sun said that she only met him once to solve the contract issue and since then, she has never met or had any personal relation with Mr. Kim. In addition, she has also never received any gifts or earned any financial benefits from Mr.Kim.

In order to protect actress Park Ha Sun, we will take stern legal action against illegal activities that affected badly to our artist. We have filed our complaints to sue the Youtube channels that spread false information that defamed our artist. We are collecting a lot of evidence from community posts and comments. We will take all possible civil and criminal legal measures against those who spread false information based on this evidence.

We are calling for you to stop spreading rumors and fake information and causing damage to Park Ha Sun’s reputation.”

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