[Pann]Knetizens commented on Jisoo’s fans spamming Kim Yuna’s Instagram account

After Dior posted photos of Kim Yuna before BLACKPINK Jisoo, fans of the latter started to spam Kim Yuna’s Instagram with negative comments. 

On May 29th, a post titled “Jisoo’s overseas fans terrorized Kim Yuna’s Instagram” was published on the Korean forum Pann, gaining massive attention. The original poster also wrote, “If Lisa’s akgae (toxic only fans) did this, criticisms would flood in, but people have been quiet since it’s Jisoo”


In particular, the post cited an article on Nate, which explained that fans of BLACKPINK Jisoo got angry after Dior uploaded a photo of Kim Yuna before Jisoo for an event of theirs. At the time, Jisoo’s fans started to post angry comments in English on Kim Yuna’s Instagram, saying things such as, “It’s ridiculous that Jisoo’s picture is further behind” and “Please show respect for Jisoo, the global ambassador.”


Original post: pann

The Pann article has since become a hot topic with over 73,000 views as of the afternoon of May 29th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • Not all of Jisoo’s fans are like this, just some toxic ones. In fact, it’s mostly international fans, not Korean fans. Every fandom have these kinds of people 
  • They are using Kim Yuna to destroy the good image of Jisoo’s fandom 
  • Jisoo’s akgaes are always spamming angry expressions on articles and comments praising Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé. They seem to think that Jisoo is the only pretty one in BLACKPINK and the rest are ugly.
  • Jisoo barely has any presence in BLACKPINK, but her only fans are always kicking up a fuss whenever another member achieves anything. 

Source: Nate

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