OH MY GIRL Yoobin: “I live as Binnie because of the company guidelines, took me 3 years of talking to change my stage name”

Yoobin of OH MY GIRL told the reason for changing her stage name.

Cultwo Show

In SBS Power FM “Cultwo Show” aired on March 30, Seunghee, Yoobin, Mimi, Jiho, and Hyojung of OH MY GIRL, who made a comeback with their second full-length album “Real Love,” appeared as guests.

On the same day, Yoobin introduced herself as Yoobin and said she has changed her stage name. Yoobin has been promoting as “Binnie” until her latest activities.

Cultwo Show

Regarding the reason for changing her stage name, Yoobin explained, “From this activity, I decided to change from Binnie to my real name Yoobin, but the biggest reason is that I like to be called by my real name.”

Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Why didn’t you do it long ago? Isn’t ‘Binnie’ the ‘Bin’ in Yoobin?”, Yoobin said, “But the company said, ‘You have to live as Binnie’, as a rule. I had talked to my company about this for years. We discussed this for 3 years after much consideration”. She emphasized, “I feel like I’m gaining strength being called by this name”.

Cultwo Show

Special DJ Yoo Min-sang asked Oh My Girl, “How many years has the group been?”. When the girls replied that they had debuted for 8 years, the DJ continued to ask, “So, can you do whatever you want now?”. As Kim Tae-kyun also said, “Are you saying it’s time to fight back?”, Yoobin smiled and showed her will, saying, “I will show more diverse sides of me”. 

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