Oh My Girl Yoo A became a hot topic for surprisingly bold revealing outfit

New photos of Oh My Girl Yoo A, where she wears a scarf top, are said to look “unconventional”.

On June 15th, Oh My Girl YooA posted several photos of herself on Instagram with the caption “chu”.

In the released photos, the female idol showed off various poses against a white wall.

Oh My Girl Yoo A
A new photo posted by Oh My Girl YooA

YooA was adorning a short crop top, held together with string and a bow in the back, which put her blackline and narrow waist in full display. 

YooA’s crop top and low-waist jeans flaunt her blackline and narrow waist

The outfit said to be “unconventional”, was extremely eye-catching. Netizens basically shower the female idol in praise, commenting on her long silky hair that fluttered in the wind and her lovely beauty. 

YooA’s hair, which fluttered in the win, earned praise from netizens

In 2022, Oh My Girl, including YooA, made a strong comeback in March with their 2nd full album “Real Love”, which featured a title of the same name. 

Source: Wikitree

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